Basic Infection Control License Program (BICSL) Unit

The Basic Infection Control Skills License (BICSL) program is a mandatory license for 2 years for all healthcare workers in healthcare facilities. It is obligatory for all of the following healthcare workers (HCWs) categories:

  • Who have direct or indirect contact with patients in hospitals.
  • Who have direct or indirect contact with patients with confirmed or suspected respiratory infections in primary healthcare centers and other specialized centers.
  • Who have been assigned to work on Hajj duty.
  • The training aims is to educate the staff on the basics of infection control precautions to prevent and control the risk of infection transmission in healthcare facilities. The training elements of the program include hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment, waste management and dealing with biological spills, isolation precautions, N95 Fittest. The trainee is given a license after passing the training which is renewed annually based on General Directorate of Infection, Prevention and Control for Healthcare Facilities’ (GDIPC) regulations. the GDIPC is responsible for BICSL training policy and providing the BICSL trainers with the training tools. Also, the training team evaluates the quality of BICSL training through checklist tools and implementation through virtual or actual visits to assess the training quality and find the weakness and areas of improvement.

    Work Method

    • Update program components base on risk assessment and local, global epidemiological variables.
    • Preparing and issuing memos for the following up and developing the program.
    • Providing the training and developing the trainers in the directorates, the medical complexes and healthcare facilities in order to be qualified & competent.
    • Following up the training process of candidate’s in the health facilities.
    • Evaluate the training quality of the program offered by Basic Infection Control Skills License (BICSL) trainers in the healthcare facilities.
    • Following up of the BICSL program on the HESN system and the data entry.
    • Continuous communication with the HESN coordinators team and the program coordinators for any updates.