Candida Auris Prevention Strategies (CAPS)

From 2009, Candida auris has emerged as a multidrug-resistant yeast pathogen with the capacity for easy transmission between patients and hospitals, as well as persistence on environmental surfaces. It associated with high mortality, healthcare associated infection outbreaks, long hospital stays, and increasing healthcare facility cost. It causes diseases ranging from superficial skin infections to invasive bloodstream infections (BSI) with high mortality rates at around 30% to 60%. In addition, the difficulty faced in the identification, incorrect use of antifungal drugs, and treatment failure are associated with negative health consequences.

GDIPC firmly decides to take further steps and augment its intervention towards preventing and controlling the Candida auris through engagement and involvement of the other sectors within the kingdom which is crucial and imperative. Having all in one boat necessitates collaborative approach, organized, and coordinated efforts, this will not be possible without setting a comprehensive prevention strategies. Consequently, GDIPC construct a national Candida Auris Prevention Strategies (CAPS) to fight as a one unified army with a well – proven and defined prevention approaches.


  • Candida auris is no longer a risk to our patients, people, and country.


  • Encourage all healthcare settings and workers to strictly adhere to the Candida auris related infection prevention and control measures.


  • To safeguard against the hazards associated to deadly infections of Candida auris.

Objectives of CAPS:

  • To prevent and control the Candida auris morbidity and mortality, nation wise.
  • To increase the awareness of the prevention of Candida auris.
  • To provide infection control tools and education materials related to Candida auris.

Strategies of CAPS (7 Cs)

    1. Current situation analysis.
    2. Communication, coordination and collaboration.
    3. Candida auris network (CAN).
    4. Comprehensive national plan.
    5. Commitment of the involved leaders and decision – makers
    6. Capacity building.
    7. Control and prevention of the Candida auris.

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